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Express - Mini Glaucoma article

Ex-PRESS  Mini-Glaucoma Shunt
Under Scleral Flap

Minimally Penetrating Glaucoma Surgery
With the Ex-PRESSTM Mini Glaucoma Shunt

Product Overview
Unique shunt to reduce intraocular pressure

• The Ex-PRESS™ Mini Glaucoma Shunt, implanted under a scleral flap, provides a simplified method of filtration surgery for patients with open angle glaucoma.

• Similar to trabeculectomy, the shunt reduces the intraocular pressure by diverting the aqueous humor from the anterior chamber to the subconjunctival space to form a filtration bleb.

• Post-op aqueous outflow is controlled by the unique flow-modulating design and the scleral flap.

Express - Mini Glaucoma

Actual size – 400 micron external diameter (27 gauge)


Express - Mini Glaucoma

How does the Ex-PRESS mini shunt work?
The Ex-PRESS mini shunt is a relatively new device, available in USA since 2002. Over 12,000 implantations have been performed worldwide. It is a straightforward procedure, in which you divert the fluid through an extremely small tube to the outside of the eye. You neither cut sclera, nor iris. Although the device is as small as a grain of rice, it acts just like a heart stent keeping a pathway open so blood (or fluid) can successfully go around the blockage. The Ex-PRESS provides precise control of the amount of fluid that is allowed to flow out helping the eye maintain a healthy level of internal pressure.

The Ex-PRESS mini glaucoma shunt provides effective long term control of intraocular pressure, with a success rate of about 94% . It can be done following cataract surgery.

The Ex-PRESS has an equally effective intraocular pressure control compared with trabeculectomy, but is safer than trabeculectomy in the short term 3.

In most cases, patients virtually eliminate their need for glaucoma eye drops after Ex-PRESS surgery.


Surgical Technique
Straightforward, controlled, uncomplicated technique

Express - Mini Glaucoma

Minimally invasive reproducible procedure

• No iridectomy.
• No scleral tissue removal.
• Reduced inflammation.
• Remarkably quiet eye.
• Better predictable results.


Ideally performed following cataract surgery

• Can be performed simultaneously with any type of cataract extraction.
• Ideally performed following clear cornea phaco-emulsification, sparing the conjunctiva at both surgical sites.




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