• The Pharos is a powerful, monochromatic, xenon-chlorine, 308-nm UVB excimer laser for the treatment of difficult-to-treat, chronic diseases including psoriasis and vitiligo. It is non-thermal and non-ablative, and treatments are painless.  

  • Pharos’ proprietary handpiece features an integrated adjustable spot size and aiming beam that accurately targets only the diseased tissue while protecting the healthy skin from exposure. By gently sliding the finger-switch, the laser beam is easily contoured to match the size and shape of the plaque for fast and precisely targeted treatments with constant fluence.  No templates or attachments are required.  Its flat-top, no hot-spot beam profile delivers uniform dosing for optimal results.  The Pharos is small enough for any treatment room, intuitive to use, and uses a standard 110-volt outlet. Treatments are reimbursed by Medicare and most insurance.

The Science of Changing Lives

Pharos excimer laser is the synthesis of science and innovation.

  • Science to create the perfect 308-nm wavelength of light and deliver its highly energetic photons through an extremely collimated, precisely targeted, uniform laser beam

  • Innovation to develop a small, lightweight, easy-to-use laser that enables you to deliver the therapeutic benefits of excimer laser light to your patients’ plaques and lesions



5 Principles of Excimer Laser Light Perfected

  • Wavelength – 308-nm UVB is near the peak of the action spectrum for T-cell apoptosis, ideal for treating T-cell mediated and inflammatory diseases

  • Energy – excimer laser 308-nm induces 4 times more T-cell apoptosis than narrowband UVB bulbs or monochromatic excimer lamps (MELs)

  • II Collimation – delivers maximum therapeutic dose to basal layer with less surface and epidermal scatter for optimum outcomes

  • Targeting – the only excimer with integrated adjustable spot size and aiming beam, enabling easy and fast precision treatments that spare healthy tissue

  • Beam Uniformity – the only non-Gaussian, flat-top beam with no hot spots that delivers uniform doses for optimal patient comfort and results




Wavelength 308-nm
Gas XeCl mix
Spot Size Continuously Adjustable from 3.24 cm2
to 2 mm round with constant fluence
Beam Profile Flat-Top, Non-Gaussian
Firing Device Fingerfire Handpiece or Footpedal
Delivery 1.5 m or 2 m Liquid Filled Fiber Optic
Weight 106 lbs (48 kgs)
Size 14” W x 27” L x 32″ T (36 cm W x 68 cm L x 82 cm T)
Electrical Inputs 115VAC, 6A, 47Hz to 63Hz / 230VAC, 3A, 47Hz to 63Hz
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