Lemi HydroGyno

  • The unit is capable of rotating 360°, and offers a wide range of mechanical and hydraulic adjustments. The HydroGyno is the industry’s most practical examination chair for clinical and specialized environments. Equipped with a convenient support for an extractable and removable stainless steel waste collection tray, the HydroGyno unit is the ideal examination chair for diagnostic visits, as well as gynaecological, urological, ultrasound and colposcopic examinations.


  • The comfortable mattress is upholstered in fire-resistant fabric and is available in a wide range of colours. The unit can be equipped with extractable leg rests upon request, which allow it to be transformed into a functional examination table.




  • 4 mechanical movements: back rest, trendelenburg position, height and rotation
  • 1 manual movement: head rest adjustment



  • gynecology ,urology ,ultrasound ,colposcopic examinations and diagnostics






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