The FEMTO LDV Z2 is the ideal laser for refractive surgeons looking for a precise and reliable flap maker that is compact and easy to manage. It is compact, mobile and can be used with every excimer laser. 



The flapmaker for refractive surgery

Intended Use

  • Refractive surgery (LASIK flaps)

Typical User

  • Refractive surgeons in high-volume centers or private clinics


  • Compact
  • Mobile
  • Easy to integrate in established workflow
  • Compatible with every kind of excimer laser, patient bed and microscope
  • Ziemer low energy laser technology
  • Handheld device

Special Features

  • 2D-Resections (XY-Plane)


  • 102 cm x 56 cm x 140 cm (height-adjustable with integrated lift)


  • 215 kg





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