Schwind Amaris 750S


The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S combines highest speed with extremely high precision. It is the superior model of the SCHWIND AMARIS product family.

  • The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S offers high performance with optimal safety. The laser system ablates the cornea at two different fluence values, thereby achieving the perfect combination of speed and precision. A very fine laser spot, with a diameter of just 0.54 millimetres, ensures extremely smooth corneal modelling.

  • With a repetition rate of 750 Hz, the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S achieves very short treatment times. The 6D eye tracker takes 1050 measurements per second to monitor the exact position of the eye in six dimensions. It actively compensates for any deviation with an ablation time of 1.5 seconds per dioptre.

  • More than three years of research and development have gone into this TotalTech Laser, and this is reflected in the perfect combination of tailor-made hardware and advanced software programs. Numerous clinical publications testify to the excellent treatment outcomes with the SCHWIND AMARIS 750S. AMARIS® 750S in brief 750




750 Hz pulse rate

  • The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S impresses with a pulse frequency of 750 Hertz and ensures an extremely short treatment time. One dioptre of myopia is corrected with very high precision in only 1.5 seconds.*
    *Without astigmatism, 12.5 mm vertext distance, 6 mm optical zone

Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment (AFLA)

  • The Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment (AFLA) method ensures an ideally balanced ration between the total number of laser pulses and the energy delivered. About 80 percent of the ablation is performed with a high fluence value. For the fine work – the remaining 20 percent – the laser system automatically switches to a lower fluence.

0.54 mm spot size, Super-Gaussian spot profile (FWHM)

  • With the extremely small spot size and the Super-Gaussian beam profile an exceptionally smooth and tissue saving ablation is achieved.


1,050 Hz eye tracking

  • The eye tracker camera monitors the position of the eyes 1050 times per second with a latency time of 1.6 milliseconds.Altogether, the total reaction time of the laser system is only three milliseconds.


Active 6D eye tracking

  • The 6D active eye tracker impresses through a number of benefits: Apart from the linear movements (1st and 2nd dimensions) it compensates rolling movements of the eye (3rd and 4th dimensions). Compensation of the eye’s rotation around its optical axis is achieved with the static and dynamic Advanced Cyclotorsion Control (5th dimension). Movements along the z-axis (sixth dimension) are actively compensated by means of the z-tracking. Automatic pupil size control and pupil centroid shift compensation ensure additional safety.


SmartPulse Technology

  • For the AMARIS laser, the geometric corneal model, the ablation pulse and the pulse distribution were optimised based on extensive research.


The result: the innovative SmartPulse Technology improves vision quality in the early postoperative phase of all treatment methods. Surface treatments as SmartSurfACE benefit in particular, since a LASIK flap does not contribute to smoothing of the stromal surface until it regenerates.


Intelligent Thermal Effect Control (ITEC)


  • The thermal control process prevents damage to the surrounding corneal tissue, even at very high ablation speed. ITEC ensures that the laser pulses are distributed in a thermally optimised, dynamically adapted way, which gives the individual position on the cornea sufficient time to cool off. Following pulses can thereby approach an already cooled position faster.


Treatment planning with the SCHWIND CAM software

  • The integrated SCHWIND CAM software with the ORK-CAM, PresbyMAX and PTK-CAM modules offer a tailored treatment planning solution for a uniquely wide range of applications in refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery.


TransPRK - "No-Touch" treatment

  • SmartSurfACE combines the benefits of touch-free TransPRK surface treatment with innovative SmartPulse Technology. It works without touching the eye. There is no suction, no blade and no incision - vision is precisely corrected through the top layers of the cornea with SCHWIND AMARIS technology, gently, touch-free, in a single step. SmartSurfACE speeds the healing process over other surface treatments. Good vision is achieved significantly earlier. 


High resolution online pachymetry

  • The integrated contact-free optical pachymetry provides precise information about the thickness of the cornea throughout the entire duration of the treatment. The changes are measured and displayed on the treatment screen online. The measurements are taken before the preparation and after lifting of the flap, as well as during and after the laser treatment. This increases the intraoperative safety in refractive treatments. All data are documented in the treatment log.


CXL-365 vario system for corneal collagen cross-linking

  • All laser systems in the SCHWIND AMARIS product range can be optionally equipped with the SCHWIND CXL-365 vario system for corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL). Ultraviolet A (UVA) light and riboflavin (vitamin B2) is used to stabilize the cornea by inducing cross-links within and between collagen fibres.

Diagnostic slit lamp 

  • The diagnostic slit lamp for flap checking is compactly designed and can be moved around two axes across the entire working area.

Swivelling patient bed

  • The swivelling patient bed provides added operating comfort. The bed can be used for other stages of treatment without having to change the position of the patient.

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