Soleo Sono

The new dimension of ultrasound therapy

Soleo Sono combines the classic possibilities of modern ultrasound therapy with the new SonoSwing process.

Intelligent design – sets new standards

Expertise for many medical problems.
Clearly presented, recommended treatments for various therapies available at all times.


Tailored to your practice

  • The programme‘s customised start settings save you precious treatment time.
  • Change pre-set programmes and save them to fit your patients.
  • Your custom settings are saved to an SD card.


The comprehensive design of the new Soleoline generation combines aesthetics with functionality, ergonomics and durability.


Simply beautiful.

A sleek case and an attractive, capacitive glass touchscreen ensure that Soleo Sono, Soleo Galva und Soleo SonoStim really stand out in your practice.


Beautifully simple.

The user interface of the new Soleoline generation has been redesigned to be clear and self-explanatory. It’s even fun to use with every application.




SonoSwing – you choose the depth of the optimal heat development.


The patented SonoSwing process allows you to adjust the percentage of both frequencies. Due to the adjustable mix of both frequencies you can choose the depth of the heat development:


  • 0.8 MHz: deep effect
  • 2.4 MHz: superficial effect




  • Chronical inflammatory diseases of the locomotor system
  • Degenerative and post-traumatical disease of the locomotor system
  • Reflectory affectable functional disorders of inner organs.





Practical extensions and accessories

Move Cart

  • smoothly movable
  • modern design



Technical data  

Ultrasound head


  • 1 socket for one 5 cm² multi-frequency watertight head
  • 1 cm² as an optional extra


  • 0.8 MHz: deep effect
  • 2.4 MHz: superficial effect

Maximum power emission

  • 3 W / cm²


  • 9 specific programmes 


  • Visual (2-colour) and audio


  • 120 favourites entries

Dimensions (LxBxH)

  • 32,2 cm / 23,4cm / 13 cm


  • ~ 3 kg

Intended use and indications may not be valid for the USA.




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