Soleo Galva


For the full spectrum of modern electrotherapy.

With a wide variety of current types, special sports and muscle rehabilitation programmes, Soleo Galva offers a comprehensive range of treatments.



 Intelligent design – sets new standards

Expertise for any medical problem
Clearly presented, recommended treatments for various therapies available at all times.

Tailored to your practice

  • The programme‘s customised start settings save you precious treatment time.
  • Change pre-set programmes and save them to fit your patients.
  • Your custom settings are saved to an SD card.

The comprehensive design of the new Soleoline generation combines aesthetics with functionality, ergonomics and durability.


Simply beautiful.

  • A sleek case and an attractive, capacitive glass touchscreen ensure that Soleo Sono, Soleo Galva und Soleo SonoStim really stand out in your practice.

Beautifully simple.

  • The user interface of the new Soleoline generation has been redesigned to be clear and self-explanatory. It’s even fun to use with every application.



Electrotherapy at its best

Two channels

The number of different varieties in the 2-channel mode increases your range of therapies.

  • Twinstim: 1 programme / 2 channels
  • Duostim: 2 programmes / 2 channels

Sports therapy
Special additional current types and programmes allow you to expand the different types of sports therapy you offer.



  • Pain Therapy
  • Muscle Rehabilitation
  • Metabolic Increase
  • Encouraging of circulation





Practical extensions and accessories

  • VacoS: Electrotherapy plus suction massage 
  • VacoS allows you to apply electrodes with ease. Your patients are sure to enjoy the therapeutic effects of a suction massage during electrotherapy.

Move Cart

  • smoothly movable
  • modern design





 Technical data 


  • Channels: 2 independent channels (programmes, intensities, parameters)
  • Electrostimulation: Synchronised, Alternate, Separate, Sequential
  • Current types: Galv., LF, biphasic, MF, MF/LF, Interferential
  • Programmes: More than 100 specific programmes
  • Specific modules: Muscle rehabilitation / Sports rehabilitation 


SD memory card

  • 120 favourites entries


  • 32.2 cm x 23.4 cm x 13 cm


  • ~ 3 kg 

 Intended use and indications may not be valid for the USA.






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